Hannax Consulting is a fully integrated design, construction and project management firm committed to creativity, innovation, good design and finishing in property, infrastructure and facilities development. The company was specially conceptualized to handle general engineering design and construct projects within Nigeria and beyond.

The company through the background and experience of its directors and staff performs engineering and management services to clients’ specifications and satisfaction, using the most modern techniques.

The company encompasses and offers its services from a wide range of architectural, engineering, Quantity Surveying and specialist skills including residential, commercial, office, hotel, road and industrial design, Telecommunication BTS site design and construction, interior design, and outdoor advertising.

Our expertise and excellence are well grounded in our approach to project execution and management and our principal aim is to produce products of high aesthetic value and quality in design all within critical time frames and at affordable/efficient costs. Through wide range of experience, our team of professionals have a proud record of designing buildings which respond to and exceed the client’s brief.

Our processes depend extensively on computer technology and on some of the latest management tools. Every part of the company focuses on values of efficiency aiming at bringing Value Driven Design and Engineering solutions to construction projects.

We are also involved in steel works with detailed infrastructure like drainage. We do Telecommunications Tower erection, shelter reticulation, installation of generators and piping works for fuel tanks, commissioning and maintenance of cell site for GSM, CDMA, civil works and other telecommunication microwave support services, including inspection services for existing structures/system.

The firm offers a comprehensive, yet flexible consultancy services covering several sectors of project development and collaborates with other professional firms to produce a complete project management package.

The company policy on health, safety and environmental policies are by all standards taken with all necessary precaution to keep accident level to zero.

Mission Statement

To remodel the industries where we operate by developing and sustaining reliable, efficient and high quality services through creative application of acquired skills”.